How To Get Free Google Play Gift Card Code How To Get Free Google Play Gift Card Code – One way to get free balance on your Google Play Store account is to have gift card code for Google Play. Before, sorry for my bad English 😀

By having the Google Play Store gift card code, you can be exchanged into the balance of the dollar in the account Play Store on your Android which then can be used to buy apps or games directly from the Play Store, it’s mean: official way and safe.

How To Get Free Google Play Gift Card Code

How do you get the balance of the Google Play Store for free? One way is to use whaff Rewards app for Android. What it Whaff?

Whaff Rewards is an application for smartphone/tablet with Android OS that gives rewards in the form of cash balances United States dollars (USD $) to all users who perform tasks of whaff correctly, ie try new applications offered by Whaff.

Then, how to register Whaff Rewards that can later be used to obtain a gift coupon dollar balances in your Android Play Store? Consider the following tutorial:

Write the registration code is used in the paper: 
$0.30 Free Bonus

1. Go to the Play Store and search application called ‘Whaff Rewards’ with the [W] blue letter icon. Install Whaff Rewards app to your Android Phone. [Play Store / APK]

WHAFF Rewards 1

2. Once successfully installed, open whaff. Press the “Login” button located at the top.

WHAFF Rewards 2

3. Use Facebook to sign in, safe. Press OK when the confirmation message of registration.

Note: If the message ‘Go Through Tutorial‘ appears, please follow and complete the ‘Tutorial’, for instance downloading applications offered. You will get a bonus of $0.10 FREE. You can ‘SKIP’ this “Tutorial””, but you should follow it because there is more special bonus you will get.

*** Tap “Go Through Tutorial” and follow the instruction:

WHAFF Rewards 3

*** After finished, your Whaff account will add $0,10 for FREE. Tap “OK” button!

WHAFF Rewards 4

4. When appears the ‘invitation’ popup column, enter this code: AF98216

WHAFF Rewards 5

5. By entering the above code you are entitled to a bonus of the initial balance of $0.30 FREE. Do not waste this advantage.

WHAFF Rewards 6

6. Now that you’ve managed to register whaff correctly. Your task is to open the section PREMIUM PICK.

WHAFF Rewards 7

7. Try one or all applications / games there (Like in the “Go Thru Tutorial“), install it to your Android by pressing the “INSTALL” from whaff to your Android.

8. Once installed, run some time by pressing the “START” in whaff, the balance of whaff will increase. Do it every day!

9. Open WHAFF PICK, do the same things as in points (7).

10. Open the ATTENDANCE every day, because there is any daily bonus.

11. When you have balance of Whaff min. $12 (or $10+), you are close to the chance to get much balance of Play Store for free, how:

WHAFF Rewards 8

12. Press in [W] icon on Whaff app on the upper-left corner to open the menu.

13. Select the “Payout” > “Google Play Gift Cards (Min.12)” or (min.$10).

WHAFF Rewards 9

14. Press the “Request” and wait a few hours until one working day.

15. Record code coupon / voucher prize in the “Payments” > “Check Gift Codes“. Usually there are 20-digits code of the giftcard. Record to paper!

WHAFF Rewards 10

16. Now open the Play Store app on your Android.

17. Go to the menu, or wipe the screen from left to right, select “Redeem“.

WHAFF Rewards 11

18. Enter the code which has been recorded in the paper in step (15). Press “REDEEM“.

19. Confirm your onsite and press the “CONFIRM“.

WHAFF Rewards 12

20. Congratulations! Balance of Play Store has been entered for USD $10.00.

WHAFF Rewards 13

21. Done, now you can take advantage of the balance of 10 dollars to make purchases some apps/games on Play Store.

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