Download AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v 3.83 APK

Download AppMgr Pro III-App 2 SD Full product Free | URAPKBaru.NET -AppMgr (or commonly called App2SD) is actually an android application of which can help you to get the intenal memory space with how to move applications installed in internal memory to memory ekternal (SD Card).

with This particular application, you will get a loose internal memory space because the data through the application of which installed the memory has been moved to ekternal.

in addition, with applications AppMgr Pro III you can also hide the application system of which was never used nevertheless cannot be deleted/uninstall.

nevertheless you need to remember of which not all applications can be moved to memory ekternal/SDcard. One example of an application of which could not be moved to memory ekternal is actually the application facebook for android .

you can also try applications : Link2SD Plus for Android .


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completely new in v 3.83:

  1. completely new “Notify when large cache” setting which shows a notification when apps created large cache files. Settings > Notification settings.
  2. Show a settings icon when you long press the notification. Lollipop + only.
  3. If the UI is actually still showing in English as well as also you’d like to help the translation, please send me an email.
  4. Bugs fixed as well as also optimizations.

in my opinion, This particular app is actually very well suited for you of which has limited internal memory android phone as well as also would likely like to install many applications required.

well, for you who want to try to use application appmgr pro III full apk , you can download the application via the link of which I have set up the following, free kok!

System required: Android OS 2.2 as well as also above

Download link AppMgr Pro v 3.83 APK :

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