Download Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v 4.28.2 Full APK

battery saver Android applications , Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) the latest Apk Free -as we know, the cell phone battery or tablet android smartphone is actually the common enemy android user since the battery too quickly depleted (same as hp belongs to admin, si Xperi M2 wrote passable wasteful batteries , hehe). To that will end, This specific time I want to share one application that will is actually believed to be the best solution to save battery life, the name android phone Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) for Android .

Battery Doctor or Battery Saver is actually one of the best android apps that will can help you manage your android phone’s battery consumption. This specific application will tell you the approximate battery life along with also can help you to improve (in some cases) duration.

with the application Battery Doctor This specific can show the features along with also operations where the use of battery power, along with also can also tell you how much time your Android’s battery will last if a certain feature is actually active, as well as how much power the battery will be extended if you disable the feature.

in addition, the application also can tell the health of your battery along with the cycle of charge, i.e. the number of times you charge your cell phone battery (partial or full).


brand new in v 4.28.2:

  1. Optimized power usage.
  2. Fixed known bugs.

well, for you who want to try to use the application battery doctor battery saver full apk , you can download the application via the link that will I’ve set up below, free!!!

System required: Android OS 2.3 along with also above

Download link Battery Doctor v 4.28.2 APK :

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