Download Clash of Clans FHx v8 Mod Apk Private Server Indonesia

the Clash of Clans FHx v8 Mod Apk | URAPKBaru.NET -a phenomenal Game genre strategy who was not familiar with the Coc, all circles can be sure to play that will. If you look at the places the public person who holds his position with the Hp landscape trust that will person can be today playing COC hehe. however This kind of time I will share updates with another edition with private server the result of modifications.

so we will play instead of the servers by the supercell however local server indonesia. The advantage of using This kind of Indonesian private server you can easily collect the loot. In addition, the COC in-Game Mod FHx you will get a variety of features, such as Unlimited Gold: 800,000,000 Elixir: 800,000,000 Gems: 800,000. To use This kind of latest coc you don’t need to hold the android devices that will are already within the root, This kind of game could also be PAL free download along with also certainly with the latest edition IE v8.


the feature Clash of Clans Mod FHx v8 Private Server Indonesia

  • P.E.K.K. A King.
  • the GOBLIN King.
  • GIANT King.
  • Wall Breaker King.
  • the King of Wizards.
  • Super Wizards King.
  • the Golem King.
  • the Hog King.
  • the Lava King.
  • Against King.
  • Minion King.
  • Dragon Queen.
  • Valkyrie Queen.
  • the Witch Queen.
  • Queen Damager.
  • Super Archer Queen.
  • brand new Dragon Tower, Witch Tower, Archer Tower (Special Edition), Barbarian, Healer Damager Tower.
  • 500/slot army camp.
  • Unlock All Traps, All Decos.
  • Unlock Gem Package.
  • Available AIR SWEEPER (HOT!)

how to Install:

  1. to be able to play Clash of Clans FHx v8 Mod Apk Private Server Indonesia download the apk below his delete old edition of Apk FHx COC if there can be, then install as normal without the need to uninstall the old Coc officiall , to ensure that will later there were two coc application in your mobile phone, don’t worry This kind of will not interfere with the performance of your mobile phone.
  2. to play the Clash Of Clans FHx v8 Mod please download along with also install more than one server because both use a different server. So if A server can not in use you can use server B along with also so on that will are still online or you see his server first online or not, you can see the official website

1. Login Failed, use the different servers that will are online

2. Notif updates, redownload the Server under when that will’s been updated.

download Link Server Clash of Clans FHx v8 Mod Apk:

File size: 47 MB
System requirement: Android 4.0 Up

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