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Download Clean Master (Speed Booster) free | URAPKBru.NET -the latest product Update again ya, junk files cleaner applications by the most well-liked android, master clean (cleaner) 5.11.4 for android .

Clean Master is actually an application cleaning of al-in-one full feature in maintaining the performance of the on your Android phone doing sure that will that will can be always the best performance.

with This particular application, we can clean the cache, unused files, the remaining files, search history, in addition to remains of the application uninstall (that will functions more or less the same as ccleaner for android who had previously I share).

This particular application is actually the best choice for the optimization of performance on android phones by way of purging a temporary storage area, delete a temporary storage area or clean history of usage on your device.

in addition, the application clean master apk also will not only help you to get more loose space, nevertheless will also create all the processes that will are running more smoothly in addition to quickly.

the following features that will are in clean master:

  • App Manager-Throw/uninstall applications which do not need careful in addition to comfortable way through Clean Master (Cleaner).
  • History Eraser-History Eraser will help clear the cache in addition to the residual files easily in addition to with just one touch.
  • > -main function is actually cleaning up the remnants or history on Android. Starting by the SMS/MMS, access to the Website, different websites in addition to Search History.
  • Task Killer -close some running applications behind the scenes (background) of android devices. With This particular method of course empty RAM on android devices will be increasing.


brand-new in v 5.11.4:

  1. Add shortcut to access My Files feature.
  2. Various improvement in addition to bug fixes.

Well, you want to try to use the application clean master the latest apk , you can download the application via the link that will I have set out below.

System required: Android OS 4.0 in addition to above

Download link Clean Master v 5.11.4 APK : (all product)

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