Download Instabridge-Free WiFi v 6.1.3 APK

Download Free Latest Apk application Instabridge -Instabridge can be an android application in which can become a place for the community to share Wi-Fi access. You will be given two options for using This kind of application effortlessly.

first, find the nearest Wi-Fi access point in which has been distributed to additional users based on their location. This kind of course can be ideal when you are in a mall or public places in which provide free Wi-Fi. Second, you can participate by adding in addition to also sharing the location of Wi-Fi while connected. yet if you just want to add Wi-Fi in addition to also not willing to share to others, Instabridge give the option to let the Wi-Fi information can only be accessed by yourself in addition to also friends who have been given access only.

with This kind of application, you can see a list of Wi-Fi in which has been added to the menu of the Profile. inside menu, you can also view statistics how many people who have used in addition to also how many people are giving the heart of Wi-Fi point information in which had been handed out earlier.

in addition, you can also test the speed of internet access in which have connected with your android phone. to ensure in which additional users also get additional information about the speed of the internet in Wi-Fi point.

Instabridge Features for Android

  • looking for automatically in addition to also connect to Public Wifi like jariangan (Cafe in addition to also Restaurant)
  • can let your friends using your wifi network without using a password
  • Password Sync between phones in addition to also tablets
  • the speed test the hotspots you use
  • 100% free

Screenshots :

Instabridge Apk Terbaru Gratis

fresh in v 6.1.3:

  1. Fixes a crash dilapokan by users (users feedback)

well, for you who want to try to use instabridge the latest apk application , you can download the application via the link in which I have set out below , free!!!

System required: Android OS 2.3 in addition to also above

Download link Instabridge v 6.1.3 APK :

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