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Light Download Manager Pro Full variation Free | URAPKBaru.NET -Light Manager is actually an android application which serves to set the coloration of the LED on the Android phones when there is actually a incoming notifications.

with This kind of application, you can control in addition to sets the coloration of the LEDS of different notification, such as notification of incoming SMS messages, incoming calls, the condition of the battery is actually weak, the network no signal conditions, in addition to so on to red, green, blue, in addition to more.

If you want to change the preferred coloration (custom coloration), go to the application settings menu in addition to change coloration as you like through the settings menu the hex code. After which, you’ve got LED in addition to notification in accordance with your own wishes.

Unfortunately, to be able to use the application light manager pro , , This kind of application requires Android devices which have been rooting (root is actually required). So, for you are his Android phone yet diroot can’t run This kind of application.


completely new in v 8.6:

  1. Fixed charging LED blocking additional LED notifications in normal mode.
  2. Fixed ambient display keeps turning on when the notification received on Nexus 5 x.
  3. Fixed the MMS LED keeps blinking even after the read.
  4. Fixed when read at smart watch, the SMS LED keeps blinking.
  5. Fixed the SMS LED keeps blinking after read when using the SMS Popup app.
  6. Fixed the data roaming off notification triggers missed call LED on Samsung devices with Android 3.0.
  7. Fixed screen mode is actually activated when calling.
  8. Added some missing translation.

well, make which want to try application the latest apk manager pro light to change the coloration of the LED to ensure more cool, you can download via the link below, free!!!

System required: Android OS 2.1 in addition to above + rooted

Download link Light Manager Pro v 8.6 APK :

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