Download PixelPhone Pro v 3.9.6 Apk

Download PixelPhone Pro Full variation Free | URAPKBaru.NET -the latest variation Update again ya, by one of the applications which can change the look of the default Android phone, contacts PixelPhone Pro 3.9.6 for Android .

PixelPhone Pro will be an application which can make the item easier for you to manage contacts as well as call on your Android device. You can easily organize your favorite contacts or create a group of contacts.

in addition, supported also by the easy navigation, quick as well as smooth. Pixelphone pro apk will be very fast, stylish design very interesting as well as cool of course.

PixelPhone Pro Features:

  • interface will be fully customizable.
  • Group action with the contact (sending messages, change photos, ringtones, organization, etc.).
  • a quick as well as smart search by all fields of contact (QWERTY as well as T9).
  • Support dual SIM devices.
  • automatic selection of a SIM card based on rules (masks as well as contact phone).
  • movement will be adjusted (left-right swipe to call/message/SIM1/SIM2, …).
  • tailored to the vibra multilangual Dialpad/feedback sounds.
  • Merge call history with dates as well as contacts.
  • ​ ​ Speed dial 1-999.
  • the Association contacts into a group of favorites for quick dial.
  • favorite Action adapted to contact (calls, messages, e-mail, search,).
  • Support extra themes as well as plugins.


fresh in v 3.9.6:

  1. Menu (Phone)-Hold the # button
  2. Menu (additional)-Hold the bottom panel
  3. Some bug fixes …

Make you want to try to use the application pixelphone pro latest apk , you can download the application via the link below link, free!!!.

System required: Android OS 2.1 as well as above

Download link PixelPhone Pro 3.9.6 APK :

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