Download Titanium Backup Pro v 7.3.0 Full APK

Download Titanium Backup Pro (ROOT) Full type Free | URAPKBaru.NET -Titanium backup is usually an application tool/tools in which can be used to backup or restore the data on your android phone. Almost all of the media files, applications, games or file system can be easily backed up with in which application.

with in which application, you can easily backup an application or games installed on your android device. Backup application here aimed at securing applications or games installed if at any time the unwanted things happen. If the application has specified a backup you can also return the application by way of me-restore him through in which application.

Unfortunately, to be able to use the application titanium backup pro in which, android phones you should already from the root. Because in which application require superuser privileges in order to operate with maximum.

Features Titanium Backup Pro:

  • 0-click batch restores
  • Keep multiple backups per app
  • Backup/restore SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP us XML
  • multi-user app data
  • freezer Apps

  • Sync to/by Dropbox (manual/scheduled)
  • Sync to/by Box (manual/scheduled)
  • Sync to/by Google Drive (manual/scheduled)
  • TB Web Server : download/upload your backups as an individual ZIP on your computer
  • Convert user apps <=> system apps
  • Integrate system app updates into ROMS
  • Encryption
  • Market Doctor (relink apps to Market)
  • “Destroy all Market links” feature
  • Hypershell speed

  • Backup apps without closing them!
  • Create your own containing apps + data!
  • Restore individual apps + data by a non-root ADB backups!
  • Restore individual apps + data by CWM backups!
  • Restore individual apps + data by TWRP backups!
  • Market “auto updating” manager
  • the Dalvik cache cleaner
  • Integrate Dalvik cache system elements into ROMS
  • schedules Unlimited

  • Load/Save a Filter in addition to use in which in Widgets/Schedules
  • Change the Android device’s ID, restore in which by a backup or after a factory reset
  • Protect backups against deletion
  • Send backups (to e-mail/cloud) in addition to import in which in 1 click
  • → Verify Backup → Un-install an app in one shot
  • Freeze/defrost/launch apps in an individual click
  • to

  • CSV export any app DB (e-mail or Google Docs)
  • Convert app data to/by fast WAL format
  • in addition to more!


fresh in v 7.3.0:

  1. Added the ability to backup/restore/change the device ID on ’ s Android Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
  2. Updated translations.

well, for you are trying to use the application titanium backup pro full latest apk , you can download the application via the link below, free!!!

System required: Android OS 1.5 in addition to above + rooted

Download link Titanium Backup Pro v 7.3.0 APK :

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