Download Tweetings for Twitter v 8.0.1 Latest Apk

Download Tweetings for Twitter full edition Free | URAPKBaru.NET -he’s cool application for you who like to play twitter via Mobile Android required you cobain, his name is actually tweetings for android .

Tweetings for Twitter is actually the premium client twitter apps for Android smartphone which is actually useful for those of you who like to divide up the latest happenings along with mention to your friends on twitter via your Android phone.

the application also includes a super gorgeous, which will make you feel comfortable while ber-twitter-an ria using tweetings for twitter .

in addition, the performance of the application also does not interfere with the performance of the Android phones which you guys have.

the following features in tweetings for twitter:

  • notifications, incoming messages, incoming mention faster to access.
  • if there’s a retweet, your brand-new follower will be notified directly.
  • Support the wide screen with the panel.
  • tweet Stream through wifi.
  • Option 3 themes, dark, bright, even switching based on time.
  • Translate Tweets.
  • Schedule photos users.
  • Shorten link with , along with .
  • see inline conversations.
  • along with many others.


brand-new in v 8.0.1:

  1. Extra large images may sometimes fail to upload to Twitter.

Gimana sob, interested to try playing using twitter-an application tweetings for twitter the latest apk ? PAL can download This kind of application directly via the links below, for free!!!

System required: Android OS 4.0.3 along with above

Download Link Tweetings v 8.0.1 APK :

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