Download Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords & v 4.2.9 APK

Download application to learn guitar on Android , Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords Apk & latest free | URAPKBaru.NET -love to play guitar yet does not know the key/chords of a song? This kind of’s time to try the application will I share This kind of moment, in which ultimate guitar tabs chords & for Android.

why should the ultimate guitar tabs & chords? because the application has supported more than 800,000 key songs by around the entire world (including English) in addition to also updated every day (not bad right!!!).

you as a user of the application of ultimate guitar tabs in addition to also chords get full access to the largest current tablature ultimate-guitar.

in addition to also for those of you who like/hobby playing guitar of course obliged to try apps ultimate guitar tabs chords &.

the features of Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords &:

  • well-liked songs by the latest Discharge
  • a guitar, ukulele chords & notes in addition to also score more than 400,000 songs
  • the Chord diagrams with the RADIUS. Each chord carries a feature in which varies.
  • free daily updates
  • Оffline Access to the Favorites tab
  • Left-handed mode
  • a quick search by type, difficulty, tuning in addition to also ranking
  • Autoscroll
  • in addition to also many others.


brand-new in v 4.2.9:

  1. Added the possibility to switch between the chords for the guitar in addition to also ukulele.
  2. bug fixes.

for those who want to download apps ultimate guitar tabs in addition to also chords This kind of latest apk, you can download the application via the link in which I’ve set up below, free!!!

System required: Android OS 2.1 in addition to also above

Download links Ultimate Guitar v 4.2.9 APK :

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