Download Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team (TTT) MOD Ultra V6 With PPSSPP

F ree Download Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Ultra Android V6 | APKBaru.NET – Who does not know the cartoon character phenomenal This particular, yes Dragon Ball will be very well-liked, especially inside 90s along with will be one of the best cartoons of all time. Among the Play Station game will be more or less in demand in advance, maybe if you look at the next picture will be recalled.
Therefore reference APKBaru.NET This particular classic game will be played in your favorite Android phone, which incidentally are using a third party application that will will be PPSSPP / PSP for Android. At the end of This particular article I will give you the download link along with your game files.
Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team PPSSPP no less interesting to play Playstation 2 console inside name of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. There are two types of distinguishing that will MODE / options presented along with the number of characters more Android PPSSPP. Dragon Ball Z Game for Android that will will be also already supported the quality of high definition image that will will spoil your eyes when playing.
fresh character:
  • God Goku -> Goku SSJ3 (3rd clothing)
  • Kid Goku -> Goten Base (2nd clothing)
  • vegeta Kid -> Kid Trunks Base (2nd clothing)
  • king Piccolo -> Burter (2nd clothing)
  • Goku GT (Goku GT SSJ Goku GT SSJ2) -> Goku (2nd sets)
  • Vegeta GT (Vegeta GT SSJ Vegeta GT SSJ2) -> Vegeta (2nd sets)
  • refrigerated -> Freezer first form (2nd clothing)
  • vegeta baby -> Frieza (3rd form)
  • Bardok SSJ -> Majin Vegeta (2nd clothing)
  • Goku Gaiden (Base, Super Saiyan) -> Kid Trunks SSJ (2nd clothing)
  • Supreme Gohan adult (All three forms of adult Gohan with the Supreme team, along with 4 Transformation last Gohan) -> adult Gohan ( 2nd Joint Ventures)
  • cell (Krilin absorbed) -> Krilin (2nd clothing)
  • Vegeth (Base Form) -> Super Vegeth (2nd clothing)
  • king Vegeta -> subordinate Frieza (1st team)
  • Naruto -> Ginew (Form 2)
  • Bunny -> teen Gohan Base (Form 2)

fresh costumes:

  • increased Costumes (RB2) (Goku, Trunks) [19459017
  • ] damaged Costumes (Vegeta Scouter, Jaozi, Majin bu (fat))
  • Black Nappa
  • Gohan Training
  • B / W Saibaman, Cell Jr.


Link Download
file: through APKBaru.NET
Save data : through APKBaru.NET
PPSSPP: through APKBaru.NET
Password: elpincheyona
How to install:
  1. download along with install all the ingredients previously
  2. to save the data, connect the Save data that will -> EXTRACK then put in :. SD / PSP / SaveData / here
  3. Ready along with Play

* Ori Source: translated by

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