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Free Download Application Gravity Screen Pros-On/Off Unlocked APK 2.45.2 Latest variation | URAPKBaru.NET -Merry meet again, This particular time I will share as well as the review of an application developed by plexnor that will serves as a replacement for the power button on all android devices, the application named screen Gravity . By using This particular application certainly can facilitate you in performing everyday activities with android phones.

how does Gravity Screen? This particular application can act as a replacement for the power button by using proxymity automatic sensor already inherent on every smartphone, you can turn off as well as turn on your android screen with just flipped the idea over, wipe the idea or menggerakannya. For more details about what to do in This particular application, see the features below:

Features Gravity Screen as follows :

  • turn on screen with movement sensors/swab, with little movement only your cell phone will automatically turn on.
  • Keep the screen still lights up, when you’re browsing the internet, the most annoying thing is usually when we’re reading news or articles on the internet, suddenly the screen of your Smartphone off or menimal Your Smartphone screen started off waning, sweep the smaller screen can make the idea brightly lit back.
  • turn off the screen, for example: when you insert your Smartphone into the Pocket, Gravity Screen will automatically turn off your screen.

Features Pro (Unlocked in app purchase)

  • Better performance
  • Widgets, Shortcuts
  • a Wider range for Screen Turn On by Motion Timeout
  • a Wider range for the Sensor Table
  • Suspend in Landscape mode
  • Exclude Apps option

For his setting of the Step you can experiment on your own, or you can customize the idea by looking at the screenshots below :


brand new in v 2.45.2:

  1. Exclude apps feature is usually not locked anymore, yet still limited.
  2. brand new icon.
  3. Fixing many some other smaller issues.
  4. Smart Lock support on rooted devices still can use the non rooted method.

how cool right application? If you’re interested to turn off as well as turn on the android screen automatically without touching the power button please try Gravity On/Off Screen-Pro v 2.45.2 APK of course with the support of the most recent variation. Download the free application via the link available below:

System Requirement : the Android OS 2.3.3 as well as higher

Download Link Gravity On/Off Screen-Pro v 2.45.2 APK

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