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Download Alien Shooter v1.1.6 APK for Android | APKBaru.NET – Game can be already very favorite inside PC edition, which can be currently present inside edition of Android (APK). Alien Shooter can be a game in which tells a wrestler (his) strength banish in addition to kill YAG foreigners want to dominate, with weapons berbekalkan are varied, can be required to stop the movement of foreigners who aspires to control the guard tones YAG for the entire room. Sebenarnaya its mission the item can be very simple, in which can be, to block in addition to kill the aliens in which appeared suddenly around. kill every foreigner value or points in which can be used to upgrade your weapons in addition to skills.


  • abandoned military complex. Hordes of vicious creatures. Here you go. Its mission can be simple
  • erase the basis of what can be only monsters dead corpses’ left around.
  • burst through 10 missions in addition to find out the reason for the alien invasion!
  • schemes Enjoy friendly control option available with auto-aim!
  • against large crowds of monsters in which appear on a screen at a time
  • top level, test the capabilities of superhuman combat in an intense battle
  • bodies of the deleted monsters do not go away – check out what happens at the end of each level


v1.1.6 brand new

  • minor bug fixes in addition to improvements

game info :.

  • Name: Alien shooter
  • Size Apocalypse: 58 MB
  • Further information: Google Play

download link ?? foreign v1.1.6 APK free shooter

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