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Game Batman vs Superman Mod apk recent | APKBaru.NET – As we recently attended Film Batman vs Superman movie, although what if you are playing one of the characters super hero? Certainly very exciting. Not long ago the developer Warner Bros. recently published in which was adapted into the film used as a game for Android.
humans face a completely new threat as darkness to Gotham along with Metropolis. This kind of became a personal vendetta between Batman or Superman as a superhero racing against time along with distance to determine the winner can overcome the threat beforehand. Avoiding obstacles, collecting power-ups along with fight against the enemies they face
Gameplay :.
  1. Select a character: like Batman or Superman
  2. Explore your neighborhood in Gotham along with Metropolis
  3. control the Batmobile (Batman ) or fly (Superman)
  4. Gather gifts when the game lasted
  5. Various power-ups along with vans to update

function game: Batman vs Superman recent v1.1 apk for Android

  • Region specific Information film
  • completely new Turkish language
  • Performance fixed along with enhancements the sensitivity of motion

update: March 16, 2016
Size: 67 MB
type: 1.1
OS 2.3.3 along with higher
developer: Warner Bros.
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