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Download free calls blacklist PRO v3.1.0 APK latest | APKBaru.NET – As the name suggests, Call Blacklist Pro will be a useful blacklists or phone calls memblockir Android application. This particular application could blockir all incoming calls through a list of numbers that will have been included within the list of existing blacklists in This particular application.
, in addition to blocking incoming calls, the application calls blacklist Pro apk can also be used to block incoming SMS, How to use was fairly easy, simply move the oN / OFF writing as well as also then automatically locks or unlocks canceled. All circles certainly be able to use This particular application. Read also: Call Auto Recorder PREMIUM apk
The application itself carries a simple screen, easy to use as well as also which certainly will not make your android phone will be slow because of its smaller size will be about 1.5 MB. This particular will be due to the implementation of PRO, that will means that will these applications are extra, nevertheless APKBaru.NET get for free.
Features All Calls Blacklist PRO apk …
  • Number black
  • list

  • block calls as well as also SMS
  • block call will be not known or anonymous
  • block all incoming calls.
  • Block all incoming SMS.
  • Note the call or SMS will be blocked.
  • Password protection.
  • guidelines digit alphanumeric added.
  • messages Hide / Show blocked.
  • Set the default tab.
brand new v3.1.0 (PRO)
  1. Password protection
  2. Works on all devices
  3. Easy to use
  4. Light

call blacklist PRO apk will be divided into two types: free as well as also paid. Thus profits using PRO applications as follows:
  1. blocking calls as well as also strong messages
  2. Works on all devices
  3. programming
  4. no ads (no Ads)

interesting not? For those who want to try using the applications calls blacklist last Pro apk This particular, you can download the application via the link within the link that will was prepared APKBaru.NET then free !! !
Updated: March 9, 2016
Size: 1.5 MB
Discharge: 3.1.0 PRO
developer: Vlad Lee

Link Download
through APKBaru.NET
through Google Play

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