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Download Ravens reign of evil Bane APK v1.1.5 for Android | APKBaru.NET – This kind of game can be made by the promoter Netmarble Which of course we heard through the famous games which has become a dream of every Android players . One of them can be the Get Rich line can be still a common game Android.
game Netmarble: Rise of Ravens Evilbane apk v1.1.5 can be a game recently released by the Netmarble, gender RPG makes This kind of game has fantastic graphics in 3D. In addition to which can be the developer of yours can be Netmarble they must have games which are of quality, in order to convince players to try Android.
Comments given Android users to test applications This kind of significantly more satisfied with the results, as evidenced game? EvilBane latest versions already includes a rating of 4.5. Immediately, those who are curious about This kind of game APKBaru.NET game will provide a story with all the functions together with the item
EvilBane Playability :. Rise of Ravens
20 years after the age of the longest war within the kingdom, along with strong shadows have returned to the kingdom Ceroth along with challenging the supreme power of Heavenstone. Land for peace along with prosperity, currently on the brink of chaos. . When Crow was elected to stand up along with save the earth before the darkness destroys all desire

EvilBane Features: Rise of Ravens v1.1.5 apk

  1. EvilBane charming gear gears can be important to be able to dominate the battlefield. Set up your character with more than 1,000 weapons along with armor differently
  2. Raid – Make friends along ally to defeat the leader of the strongest along with collect the prize reward
  3. Dungeon – De jungle to desert, frozen volcanoes along with lava glacier all the way to the citadel of flight, endless adventure waiting with endless opportunities for a team which can be unique
  4. Arena – full hero andalanmu with champion gear, while challenging opponents to test their strength
  5. Guild – fought with the strongest along with closest ally. You will fight together against additional guilds honor along with dignity

5. April 2016
43 MB
style: ?
Android 2.3.3 along with higher
System requirements:
Dualcore 1.2 GHz CPU, RAM 1 GB
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