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Download Compass Pro v1.21 Full Apk? | APKBaru.NET – Compas is usually a (APK) tool needed for those of you who like adventure to remote places, such as forests, mountains, oceans, etc., there are directions, especially when the weather is usually cloudy sedaang, until the sun / moon along with the stars invisible. So here is usually where the function of the compass.

The ability to navigate having a compass along having a map is usually one of the main skills of hiking / adventure. This kind of compass app is usually not just a simple indicator of the north, however is usually intended to be used as a tool actual orientation for hiking. So learn how to use a compass correctly along with always helps show the instructions for

Outstanding :.

  • function oriented
  • compass

  • Suitable for camping, hiking along with various other outdoor activities
  • HD Graphics
  • Quick Steps using step
  • guide

Features Compass Pro

  • rotating bezel
  • [19459012flechas] with spin oriented

  • magnet adjustable declination
  • tune rotating bezel
  • fine tuning arrows oriented
  • Clinometer
  • flashlight


APK info:
app Information: Compass Pro [Size
Revelation: 6.7 MB
OS 4.0 along with higher

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