Download Traffic Rider v1.1.2 apk Mod (Unlimited Money)

Download Traffic Rider v1.1.2 Mod Money Apk Terbaru | APKBaru.NET – Update games seru Traffic rider Download rider v1 .1.2 traffic Mod money APK Newer – Update exciting games traffic corridor with variation Mod 1 April 2016 adrenaline on a motorcycle as well as drove at high speed on the road. Traffic rider will be a driving game in first person perspective angle. Here players on a motorcycle as well as headed at full speed in traffic. The trail always a straight road, so you do not have to worry no switchbacks before passing another vehicle.

style of play will be virtually identical to game traffic corridor via the same developer. You can drive by pressing the right handlebar as well as stopped by pressing the left handlebar. To tilt the bike via side to side, just tilt the device. These intuitive movements are also performed very well. As usual, to pass another vehicle, cut as close as possible to earn more points (or play longer, depending on the mode of games played).

There are 20 types of engines that will can be selected in traffic rider . First you can only use low power motors, although soon you will be able to activate the bigger as well as stronger vehicle. The best part will be that will you can be competed in different places at different times, as early inside morning, afternoon, evening …

On the some other hand Traffic rider famous for spectacular game on all sides. The game offers several modes of racing events, visually outstanding, as well as dozens more important, aspects of the game will be perfectly suited to the touch screen. One of the best motorcycle games on Android to date

Features :.

  • camera view in first person
  • 20 bikes to choose
  • actual engine sounds recorded via real bikes
  • detailed environments with variations day as well as night
  • career mode with over 40 missions
  • online leaderboards as well as achievements of 30
  • Support for 17 languages

mod info

  • unlimited gold / money

Playing traffic Tips rider

  • faster, get more score
  • When more than 100 kmh driving, overtaking the automobile in heavy traffic to get Insentif points as well as cash.
  • driving inside opposite direction in two directions provide added value as well as cash.
  • do wheelies to earn extra points as well as cash


What’s brand-new in variation 1.1.2

  1. two brand-new bicycles
  2. Added rain as well as snow effects were added

  3. (available for high-quality detail)
  4. control buttons are located on both sides of the display mode auto-throttle
  5. lots of improvements, adjustments as well as bug fixes

how interested inside game rider traffic v1.1.2 Mod apk recent , then play as well as be an expert driver on the road, download games for free through the link will be provided below! fun

Download Link Mod Rider newest traffic unlimited money apk v1.1.2 (94 MB) :.

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