Download BBM Mod WP (Windows Phone) Light v2.13.1.14 APK

Download Cool Scene BBM, BBM Windows Phone WP Light Mod | APKBaru.NET – Great afternoon all, still looking for the BBM you prefer ?? Apkbaru provide mod BBM with the theme of cool-cool along with also can memililih you happy in set BBM mod .

Even with the latest information on the application, This specific time I will explain about BBM phone themed mod windows. For those of you who before was inside previous type you have today found a brand new type because of the many interests of users use This specific theme BBM mod. Great for you who just want to use, here I will explain a little about how the shape of the screen along with also any various other feature support?

windows light BBM phone will be the application of BBM which has been modified in order which an individual subject will be formed along with also owned by modder Trangga Ken .

BBM Mod looks of a white background colour along with also combined that has a different BBM to the original icon. This specific makes the display more unique because which not only in terms of appearance, added features also do not lose as AutoText, lock mode along with also many more to try to install This specific light BBM on android wp mod. . Well, for those of you who are interested can immediately download along with also install on your phone, respectively


  • AutoText
  • on / off status block reading
  • on / off set PD cut
  • Hide / Show FAB
  • lock Mode
  • Hide / Show Tray entr entry
  • emerging entr
  • along with also many more


Information APK

  • APK name: BBM Mod WP (Windows Phone) Light
  • type:
  • Modder: Trangga Ken
  • Size: 18 MB

Attracted by This specific application? if you want to try’ve created a link below unduhnya are free for all visitors apkbaru loyal.

Link Download BBM WP (Windows Phone) Light

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