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Light Flow – LED & Notifications | APKBaru.NET – Download Notification Applications With LED lights for the latest Android phone having a product of the update is actually crucial when the sound device is actually turned off as This particular apk each notification will be notified by a flashing light having a very attractive colors.

LED applications as well as notifications allows you to set the sound vibration patterns for notifications favorite smartphone. When certain moments can also set a way of “rest” or “load” because This particular application can run in which light replaces the sound as well as vibration when you will not listen. Like if ever meihat mobile alerts blackberry phone just for This particular application is actually similar to Blackberry notifications
Light Flow -. LED as well as notifications This particular allows you to control notifications of coloring for over 0 applications as well as system events, such as missed calls, voice mail, calendar reminders, gmail, email, SMS messages, MMS , low battery, no signal, Google talk, Facebook, Twitter as well as many more.


  • The control LED notification for phones of which they (the colors of cycling through pending notifications) have
  • sound control, including sounds repetition
  • vibration control, including vibration patterns as as well as vibrations of which are repeated
  • Android support vibration wear
  • sleeping hours
  • based notifications lock screen (on phones of which support wallpapers live lock screens)
  • Contact specific notifications for certain types of notification


The completely new V3.61.17

  1. Submit repeating sounds as well as portable devices
  2. Option to not play sound on wearable if the phone is actually on vibrate or silent mode
  3. size App shrunk to run on older
  4. devices

  5. added support for roaming mode
  6. Added support for flight mode
  7. Corrigendum
  8. support for 40 completely new applications

Information APK

  • APK Name: light flow – LED & notifications
  • product: 3.61.17
  • Requires Android: 2.3 as well as up
  • credits: Reactle
  • Size: 15MB

Further information: Google Play

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