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Download Monster Fantasy game v1.0.1 Offline | APKBaru.NET – Information RPG This specific time is actually a high quality game that will has been developed by Lontong Comminication. This specific is actually a game that has a set payment which players assume the role of a character or could be classified as a game of role-playing game (RPG). You can play offline along with also quality high definition, can not be doubted for the problem to see This specific game.

inside the fantasy monster is actually for you in suguhkan that has a view 3D is actually very exciting, so the item is actually quite natural that will if the game the item becomes a game of high quality, because the appearance of This specific game is actually HD so the file size was a little big.


  • monster System Type: Fantasy Monster is actually based on battles monsters. The monsters have different types that will have strengths along with also weaknesses. To train different monster According to the interests along with also strategies is actually the essence of This specific game
  • Various combinations of skills :. The ability is actually the key to every battle. Each monster learns different skills as the item grows along with also various combinations of skills to make the game interesting
  • monster Send to a friend: Send along with also receive .. monsters among friends
  • only mechanism: System mechanism: unlock the mechanism to challenge the Masters Gym
  • original scenes :. players can enjoy the battle, flowers edge of the road along with also beautiful sky while traveling across the entire world
  • interesing Puzzles :. Game system Hall: Puzzle game with coupons along with also rewards EXCHAGE
  • Several elements
  • System Diagram: .. City, cave, tunnels, lake..The best views that will have been in his life
  • Quest System: knowing the entire world along with also their stories. Reviews finishing missions to get rewards
  • Achievement System: .. The more you achieve, the best coach is actually

Well, in This specific post you can download for free, as the item is actually a modification of the game (modded) later when playing for the very first time This specific game features instantly get unlimited money that will could be used to buy or upgrade a monster.


Game Information

  • Game name: Monster Fantasy apk
  • file size: 107 MB
  • today edition: 1.0.1
  • developer: Longtong players
  • Further information: Google play

Attracted by This specific game? if you want to try’ve created a unduhnya link below are free for all loyal visitors apkbaru

Link Download Monster Fantasy apk

How to install fantasy monster:

  • Download apk + data is actually above
  • APK Install as usual (do not open the first)
  • Extract Obb then the item moves to the Android / Obb / Here
  • open, then play the game.

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