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Download fighting games AirAttack newest HD | APKBaru.NET – AirAttack is usually an arcade of traditional high quality shots vertical style game where players can control the fighter to face the enemy troops. along with the enemy troops according to the game’s story is usually a Nazi troops. AirAttack HD players can choose by several different control systems for aircraft. We can use a virtual stick, normal gestural control, accelerometer, along with even a keyboard or a controller which is usually connected to the Android terminal.

With regard to content AirAttack HD was also very well presented. Players should pay attention to the movement of more than a dozen enemies along more than three mission scenarios or different stages. In addition, at the end of each stage they have to face the giants ‘boss’. AirAttack HD is usually a traditional however modern aircraft technology adventure. along with the game is usually not only very beautiful, however features a realistic physics along which has a great soundtrack. . Great title, ideal for lovers of the genre of electronic games

Features AirAttack:

  • 10 Mission Bos The magnitude
  • 64 Type enemy different
  • 3 planes player
  • Numerous upgrades along with special weapons
  • stunning 3D environments with effects of bridges along with buildings destroyed
  • orchestral music
  • mode 3 difficulty
  • Arcade mode type [19459020survival]
  • 7 control: touch, relative, tilt, joypad, mouse, keyboard, gamepad
  • orientation vertical / horizontal

What’s fresh in type 1.5.1:

  1. Galaxy Note support S-Pen
  2. custom touch Offset (Settings> Touch)
  3. If you have problems starting the game after the update, try restarting the device
Well, for those of you who want to try to feel the fun of playing the game AirAttack HD v1.5.1 APK simply download the game then submitted the original along with free mod type (unlimited money) !!

Required System : Android 2.0.1 operating system along with higher

Download Link AirAttack newest HD v1. 5.1 apk: (48 MB)

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