Download BBM Mod Delta v3.5.5 Based v2.13.1.14 Apk Terbaru

Back again on the day of This specific BBM, as amended by Computindo Deltalabs Delta Mod just updated the latest variation. Although official BBM based v2.13.1.14 yet, although if the variation delta BBM V3.5.0 , which is actually the previous variation, This specific time has been updated to v3.5.5. There are so many differences in This specific latest variation, you want to know what? Listen below.

The modders Yoyocx S P as designed the latest BBM often to update This specific badge. Delta BBM many features that will are available even more complete mod BBM say, because you can change almost all aspect of its BBM in order to look more attractive every day. In This specific latest variation features the presence of tics icon, emoticons, as well as more. Listen below are the complete feature

features based Delta BBM v3.5.5 APK v2.13.1.14

  • – v2.13.1.14 database update
  • – delay Message [Deleted]
  • – dynamic Notification as well as Splat Icon
  • – Notification of change of name of the application
  • – change PING Text
  • – card design Mod
  • – No dynamic cover
  • – Custom sources
  • – screen orientation
  • – Reset settings
  • – brand-new user interface as well as chat profile
  • – brand-new Notifications [icon

Features v2.13.1.14 basis:


    • Backup preference (coloration can “t restored * bug *)
    • Flat StatusBar
    • Show hide button lock
    • Circle with Avatar Type


  • Circle with wave animation Avatar Type
  • Post FB [removed]
  • night mode [removed]

v3.5.5 brand-new Features

  • Change the launcher icon
  • Execution of PM
  • Clear cache
  • Set design video call
  • move background image files from the SD / Android / data / com card. BBM / files / DELTA /
Error known:
can not change the display image of the third = please use the gallery application coming from PlayStore
conversation FC = go to Settings Delta -> set the text coloration -> change the text coloration input as well as output
Lock mode FC = go to Delta Settings -> mode private -> check view blur
Background image is actually not loaded = background.jpg to manually copy method “ SD / Android / data / com.bbm / Delta / *
Name: Delta BBM v3.5.5 APK
Size: 26 MB
Type: Clone as well as Unclone
modders: Yoyock S Praditya P (Delta Komputindo)


Link Download

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