Download APUS Launcher v 2.0.0 Full APK

Download Free Latest LEAR Launcher Apk -on This kind of occasion, I will share to you a cool application launcher although light when in use on android phones, i.e. apus launcher for android .

APUS launcher will be a very simple application launcher as well as light that will can be used to beautify the look of your android phones as well as tablets.

application launcher This kind of tіԁаk APUS have App such as dining Drawer on most application launcher for android. However, the ѕеmυа application аԁа ԁі screen homescreen. So, if you want to open the app, just scroll the row of application then laterally just уаnɡ have been grouped according to the categories аkаn we meet.

in addition, the application launcher This kind of will be Smart because that will can organize the applications already installed on Android as well as put that will into the folder corresponds to the category of such applications.


brand new in 1.9.11: v

  1. APUS Discovery. Update to next-generation discovery as well as find more trending apps.
  2. Performance optimization. Enjoy a faster phone.

how to, interested in trying on the android phone you have? Below I’ve set up a link download latest Lear launcher apk for you all. Great luck aja deh!!!

System required: Android OS 4.0.3 as well as above

Download link APUS Launcher v 2.0.0 APK :

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