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Download application Evernote Premium Full edition Free | URAPKBaru.NET -Evernote is usually an application note (note) for mobile devices in which can help you remember everything in which is usually considered very important.

using This specific application, you can create a “record” of any kind ranging by text, articles, photos, along with also more. Any text typed could also be altered its format being bolded (bold), italic (italic), along with also underscore (underline).

in addition, This specific application can also be used to store a variety of information such as addresses, notes, most web content, personal diary along with also etc. Everything you store in Evernote is usually automatically synchronized on all your devices, so the idea will be easy to take, find along with also edit your notes wherever you are.

Evernote are available for almost all devices, including smart phones (smartphones), Web, computers along with also producing the idea easier for you to remember everything along with also access them anytime along with also anywhere.

the features of Evernote for Android:

  • notes: writing inside work space clean, hassle free.
  • Be organized: create logbook along with also add a tag to a complicated project.
  • access anywhere: make sure your work synchronized across devices.
  • Find anything quickly: text in notes, photos, PDF along with also searchable.
  • sharing ideas along with also resources: create workspaces to work together with the shared notebook.
  • keep track of the job list: create a list of jobs along with also check one by one while you travel.
  • make use of creativity: mancatat ideas as they arise, no matter where you are.
  • get ready for the meeting: the modernist agenda along with also job listings for the next time.
  • Manage costs: organize receipts, bills, invoices along with also expense reports to keep remain detected.
  • Plan business travel: save booking along with also tickets for travel planning simple.

in addition to the Premium edition:

  • Bring record book offline to access them anytime.
  • Add the lock PIN to the Evernote application on your mobile phone.
  • a record four times larger, so you can meet the Evernote with files along with also high resolution image.
  • along with also many others.


brand new in v 7.5:

  1. bug fixes along with also improvements.
  2. to let us know your opinion! Rate applications.

for those of you who want to use the application the latest apk evernote premium , you can download the application at the link below, free!!!

System required: Android OS 2.2 along with also above

Download link Evernote Premium v 7.5 APK :

Make the x 86-based Android phone users, please download the application here .

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