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Download Puffin Web browsers to the latest Full variation Free | URAPKBaru.NET -Puffin web browser is usually a browser application on android which you can use to surf from the virtual world directly by your Android phone which you guys have.

using which application, obtain the quickest along with pleasant browsing experience via Android smartphone. Puffin which Browser can load the full variation of the page view (desktop mode) along with very fast along with reliable.

in addition, the application Puffin Web Browser for Android has also been supporting javascript along with also flash player with excellent performance on mobile devices (particularly suitable for you who often streamingan of Android which requires the flash player plugin).

the following features from the puffin web browser for Android:

  • opens the page along with rendering with incredible speed.
  • Include Adobe Flash Player.
  • Download to Cloud (up to 100 m per file).
  • Fashion Theater for video along with flash games.
  • Virtual trackpad along with gamepad.
  • the add-on function (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, translators along with others).
  • the theme shade for the toolbar along with sidebar.
  • the fastest JavaScript Engine.
  • a full web experience (desktop along with mobile view).


Puffin Web Browser Apk
Puffin Web Browser Terbaru
Puffin Web Browser Full variation

brand new in v

  1. the Puffin today supports Camera along with Microphone for video conferencing Flash based websites. Puffin users can walk through the well designed tutorial to get a better understanding, along with which’s definitely fun! We highly recommend you give which a try.
  2. which brand new feature hasn’t been done by any additional mobile browsers before. If you love which, please ‘ like ‘ along with share with your friends Puffin!
  3. The update also supports the latest Flash 11.8 over the cloud, along with which includes stability along with performance improvements.

how to? Features a very complete right? Of course, because which browser application alias paid premium. Actually there is usually also a free variation, although many features are restricted. Well, for you who want to try the application the web browser puffin apk full variation , you can download via the link below, free!!!

System required: Android OS 2.3 along with above

Download Link Puffin Web Browser Pro v APK :

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