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Download Smart RAM Booster PRO Full variation Free | URAPKBaru.NET – cannot be denied if Android phones can indeed facilitate us in everyday activities. However, This particular might be a little annoyed if Android phones in which use its performance isn’t maximized. Like for example, lemot, hank, along with also others. Certainly This particular might be very difficult along with also also simultaneously annoying isn’t This particular?

there are actually the best way to resolve a problem like This particular, i.e. by downloading the application Smart Booster Pro or once known by the name of RAM Booster Pro . This particular application will help you to optimize the performance of RAM android devices to make This particular easier when used.

Smart RAM Booster Pro is usually an application tool/tools inside the android which serves to optimize the performance of RAM on an android phone. The workings of This particular application is usually to turn off applications in which are not essential along with also is usually running inside the background.

in addition, you can also install widgets 1-click cache cleaner on android phone homesrceen for mempermudahkan in cleaning up unused RAM memory with just one touch of a finger.

there are 4 modes cleanup (auto-boost) in which exist inside the application, including the following:

  1. the Aggresive (stop applications in which use memory low priority)
  2. Strong (stop application in which uses memory quite high).
  3. Medium (stop applications in which use memory above the average).
  4. Gentle (stop application in which consumes memory to harm).


fresh in v 5.91:

  1. [fresh] shortcut toggles the settings.
  2. [fresh] action to show the Application manager.
  3. [Updated] improve running apps.
  4. [Updated] settings change Notification Bar style.
  5. [Fixed] bug on Bluetooth along with also Wifi some devices.
  6. [Fixed] minor bugs.

well, for you who still have malasah with limited memory capacity RAM android phone, you can try This particular application to optimize performance of the RAM on your android phone. Below I’ve set up a download link via the application the latest smart booster pro apk , to all of you loyal blog visitors APKBaru.NET.

System required: Android OS 2.3 along with also above.

Download link Smart Booster Pro v 5.91 APK :

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