Download Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords & v 4.2.0 Full APK

Download application to learn guitar on Android , Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords Apk & latest free | URAPKBaru.NET -love to play guitar although does not know the key/chords of a song? of which’s time to try the application will I share of which moment, of which ultimate guitar tabs chords & for Android.

why should the ultimate guitar tabs & chords? because the application has supported more than 800,000 key songs coming from around the entire world (including English) as well as updated every day (Great right!!!).

you as a user of the application of ultimate guitar tabs as well as chords get full access to the largest current tablature ultimate-guitar.

as well as for those of you who like/hobby playing guitar of course obliged to try apps ultimate guitar tabs chords &.

the features of Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords &:

  • common songs coming from the latest Discharge
  • a guitar, ukulele chords & notes as well as score more than 400,000 songs
  • the Chord diagrams with the RADIUS. Each chord includes a feature of which varies.
  • free daily updates
  • Š˛ffline Access to the Favorites tab
  • Left-handed mode
  • a quick search by type, difficulty, tuning as well as ranking
  • Autoscroll
  • as well as many others.


brand-new in v 4.2.0:

  1. of which application currently features the Material Design.
  2. bug fixes.

for those who want to download application the ultimate guitar tabs as well as chords apk latest , you can download the application via the link of which I’ve set up below, free!!!

System required: Android OS 2.1 as well as above

Download links Ultimate Guitar v 4.2.0 APK :

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