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Download BeautyPlus – Magic Camera v5.2.1 apk | APKNaru.NET – BeautyPlus – Android Magic Camera can be a photo editing application to make a little change in a portrait photo, so your photo can be a much more beautiful way. Besides implementing the autofoto camera the item can be quite sophisticated because the item will automatically enhance your beauty in a heartbeat! Taking great photos of yourself anywhere you like

adjustments from the subtlest to do with BeautyPlus – Magic camera soften photos, create larger eyes, face glitter, reduction the contours of the face, along with generally make people more attractive picture. . All This kind of can be done with little adjustments, barely visible with the touch of a finger

In addition to the above adjustments, you can use BeautyPlus – Magic camera for more radical adjustments from the photos, the addition of hearts stickers along with different, as well as filter effects in which will highlight portraits nothing

BeautyPlus -. Magic Camera can be a Great photo editing application, thanks to a simple interface in which lets you turn your favorite pictures in seconds. . many features in which support This kind of application for the editing process becomes more perfect

Features BeautyPlus – Magic Camera

===== ===== camera intelligent selfie

  • truly smart! Only slingshot stay along with get beautiful results have improved upon photographs, without further modifications.
  • settings 5 levels to enhance the beauty in which can be selected with one click.
  • Have fun taking pictures with friends!
  • switch to the camera back to enjoy the images are 22 times sharper along with more beautiful than the front camera!
  • Automatic Procrastinator time 3 seconds whenever possible receiving shots perfectly without holding a camera!
  • Share your beauty instantly on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

===== Beautify – photo editing options are more reliable =====

  • filtering beauty: 13 quality filter that has a click especially designed for portraits in which will make you pretty impressive in a heartbeat
  • smooth along with skin whitening:. Remove wrinkles, optimize skin tone along with make your skin look perfect
  • stain removal: Click to remove acne, blemishes, or different skin imperfections
  • thins :. tighten expedite the face or Centeng with just a touch of a finger. Get the perfect Centeng shape, as long as you dreamed
  • The elimination of dark circles along with bags under the eyes
  • beautify eyes!.! Brighten along with memeperbesar his eyes in which look very attractive


What’s brand-new in variation 5.2.1

BeautyPlus back to make adjustments! Enhance your beauty again!

  1. beauty function compatible video recording full-screen video. Show your beauty to everyone with charm along with confidence from the clinching of a broader vision!
  2. pemercantik enhanced video filter. Create a sleeker video-mu with you as the star

Well, for those who want to try to edit photos along with extreme editions all have to test the application BeautyPlus – v5.2.1 APK magic camera , please download the application via the link I prepared the following, for free !!

System requirements : 4.0 along with above

download link BeautyPlus – Magic apk v5.2.1 Updates chamber (21 MB):

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