Download DSLR Pro v2.8.5 apk recent

Download v2 Pro DSLR camera. 8.5 recent APK | APKBaru.NET – This specific time I’ll give an update of the best applications of photography DSLR camera Pro by the name alone certainly along with imagine which you must hold the application function as a digital SLR camera. bark true DSLR Pro is actually an application designed to meet the needs of photography producing sure which the resulting image is actually more professional than the application of a normal camera.

also DSLR Pro digunkan easy, menus may already be familiar to you, especially if you have previously worked often from the camera, which only just adjusted. The auto focus is actually definitely required to accompany the application, not only which there are many various other features available in This specific application, after a thorough review of its

Features DSLR Pro camera

  • two shutter button states – press to move, Discharge to take a picture
  • removable visor – to adjust the focus-area anywhere you want
  • live histogram
  • exposure compensation
  • geotagging
  • flash mode – auto, on, off, the torch
  • light metering modes – matrix, center-weighted, spot
  • autofocus mode – single, continuous, face detection, etc.
  • White balance
  • drive modes: single, explosion, etc. timer
  • Scenes – portrait, landscape, etc.
  • shade effects
  • Grids: rule of thirds, golden ratio, etc.
  • The volume keys as shutter buttons
  • front-facing camera support
  • ISO


fresh in type 2.8.5

  1. Many bug fixes along with performance improvements

`Well, for those of you who like to take photos of developing a talent photograph is actually no harm in using the application DSLR Pro v2.8.5 apk recent , so I hold the next free unduhnya link to all of you.

System requirements : Android 4.0 along with higher

operating system Download Link DSLR Camera Pro v2.8.5 APK

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