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• Read as well as race through the interactive world of Cars 2
• Customize as well as drive your own team of riders

Start your engines! Reading aloud as Lightning McQueen as well as top international racers power from the planet through the streets of Tokyo, Japan; Porto Corsa, Italy; London England; as well as finally Radiator Springs in This particular original story!

Customize your own team of racing cars from the “Reader pit stops.” When completed the story, you’ll earn the chance to compete against Lightning McQueen, Francesco Bernoulli as well as additional superstars like tilt your way around a real Cars 2 racecourse!

• Disney / Pixar Cars 2 images of impressive films as well as animation!
• tilting device technology competition as well as exciting tap-as well as-play interactivity!
• Multiple reading modes: record your own voice, Read to Me, Auto-turn pages as well as Early reading mode
• Read along text highlighting
• race car customization 3- D !. Choose coloring, engines, headlights, exhaust, spoilers as well as tires of your car!
• The saving function custom car lets you save as well as email your favorite designs!
• Nine language options: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish as well as Swedish
• attractive narration, music as well as sound effects

Thank you in advance for your patience Due to its large file size, downloading This particular application can take some time. For faster downloading, please connect to a Wi-Fi network.


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Required System : Android 2.2+

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