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Download Apps2SD PRO: All one of V8.1 build tool free apk 81 last | APKBaru.NET – For those of you who like mengoprek Android definitely need This kind of application. Apps2SD is actually a multipurpose tool of high quality. Many functions are generated by the application of which can erase data inside cache memory application is actually installed, the idea is actually necessary which the cache does not accumulate which Android cause complete memory capacity.

In addition you can also make a partition on the SD card is actually aims to files stored on a RAM SWAP structured in addition to orderly memory, some other features are also very useful is actually why the capacity of RAM They are become more relief.

to use Apps2SD PRO must have root android phone. Well, of course which certainly fungsioal membutukan This kind of tool, so I have to offer you free for all. Actually there are many more features apps2sd PRO include:

apps2sd Features Pro

  • No Ads
  • Link2SD :. Link apk, ODEX, Dex, lib their internal data, external data is actually in addition to folders OBB user application / system to the SD card.
  • busybox installer (No need for a separate application to install busybox at This kind of point sends apps2sd with binary busybox).
  • Uninstall system applications (remove goods swelling).
  • move to SD card applications using native app2sd (moving force if the move to the SD card is actually not supported by the application).
  • enable in addition to disable applications.
  • Batch link, unlink, enable, disable, convert, integrate data / cache clear, move to SD, move to phone in addition to many more features.
  • Automatically link newly installed applications (optional) in addition to updated applications.
  • Support for devices 32 in addition to 64 bits.
  • Support for the arm, x86 in addition to MIPS devices.
  • permissions are set on the second partition.
  • terminal emulator (Run shell scripts / commands).
  • mount folder (folders / mounting link between internal / external SD card).
  • + Screen Recorder for Kitkat devices.
  • Task Manager (free up RAM in addition to CPU killing running processes / applications)
  • cedular .. Advanced Task (Schedule tasks: fixing device lag, cache cleaner or Shell script per hour or date)
  • App Manager (enable / disable Services / Activities / broadcast receivers / content providers).
  • Hibernate applications (Hibernate user applications / system when the screen turns off to save power in addition to improve performance).
  • Broken App Cleaner (remove unused files / folders in addition to fix You can download / install the error store game).
  • Hide applications in addition to games (hide applications with password protection).
  • Representative exchange: RAM booster (Create / Manage swap partitions / file)
  • arrangement delay device (FSTRIM) for Android 4+ (use lag fixing device to improve performance)
  • cast Tool (.. partition the SD card. Create up to 3 partitions on the SD card, FAT32, exFAT, f2fs, Ext4, ext3 in addition to ext2 are supported).
  • Backup / Restore Applications / Card Games / Sd.
  • Script Manager (Create / Run commands / scripts custom Linux. Create Shortcut writing at home for easy access).
  • CPU accelerator (throttle its CPU frequency when the screen is actually turned off or the device for better battery life starts).
  • Booster SD card (speedup internal / external SD card by changing the value of cache).
  • speed test SD (Test speed read / write of your SD card) card.
  • Advanced restart options (Reboot, soft startup, shutdown, start recovery, start the boot loader, boot into safe mode).
  • Logcat (View / save / Logcat your device for analyzing action).
  • SDFix (set the external SD card write permission)

Image :.

What’s fresh in variation 8.1 :.

  1. If the application crashes please reinstall Apps2SD PRO
  2. if you want apps2sd to help translate into some other languages ​​please Goto
  3. Reducing the size of 4 MB.
  4. Fixed Create, repair in addition to Partition option update tool.
  5. adoptable fixed partition tool for MM.
  6. installer fixed busybox (in some devices root broke)
  7. some other bug fixes based on bug reports sent by users

Required system : Android 2.3 operating system. in addition to higher

Download Link Apps2SD PRO: all in one tool V8.1 apk : (12 MB)

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