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Best RPG Darkness Reborn Game Download Mega Mod more completely new | APKBaru.NET – Darkness Reborn will be the genre of role-playing games where players can create their own character via scratch. Early from the game you can choose via four different classes (two free along with two “premium”), each with its own game style bermain.Cerita Rebor Darkness n This kind of puts us from the dark medieval fantasy world where after the death of one of the heroes of the most powerful of all time, crime seems to have every corner of the earth.

on the player darkness Reborn control the hero of the third-person perspective, able to move freely around the arena, along with take some kind of attack, at first, of course, we would likely only have a normal attack, although soon acquire completely new skills as the level of ordinary berdiri.Seperti gender, with the rate of increase not only come greater skills. Players can also improve your team of heroes with completely new weapons along with armor, completely new objects, along with more.

One of the strengths Darkness Reborn will be of which not only has the campaign mode for everyone, although they also have line 3 vs 3. This kind of game mode will be able to measure the strength of our heroes with more players of all the earth. Darkness Reborn will be a very not bad RPG of which has an interesting story, fun gameplay, along with part of genuinely outstanding graphics. A full title of which will be found in virtually all areas

Darkness Reborn Features :.

  • exciting along with impactful
    -! High resolution graphic will be not less than the PC game

    – Feel the excitement! Satan Hancukan forces with action along with noticeable effect.
  • Range! exclusive class
    – Guerrero, hard Centeng like a stone skillfully penghancur

    – Kunoichi, cruel murderer darkness
    – Mago, mysterious witch charm
    – Demon hunter, hook penetrated by the strength of robust along with accurate arrow
    – I will crush anyone in my way. Savage, double ax of Destruction!
  • Scale peerless! content in real time cooling
  • Win PvP Arena 3: 3 along with reached higher rank
    – monumental scale for mobile gaming! Raid Boss conquer strategy smart team.
  • Part of the crack along with the dungeon to select two allies elite
    – the eternal fight for victory began! Fallen demonstrate their skills in maze.
  • Fight last battle!
    – Automatic battle! Conquering the pending content at lightning speed

    -. Set your character! ! Craft will improve along with evolve
    – 1296 combination of skills! Preparing to fight the devil


1.3.6 Barudi:

  1. improvements boss raid UI
  2. discount coupons additional completely new element
  3. fixed a bug from the way of Awakening
  4. Set required number of Summoning stone to create along with enter chief awake.
  5. increased Quest prize along with enter Daily
  6. tutorial Development

Mod Info

  • [BonusdeEnfriamiento NO.
  • Cheat detections void.
  • DRM overlooked.
  • anti-ban. -. Guest Only

Required System : Android 2.3 along with higher

download Link darkness reborn Mod apk V1.3.6 operating system:

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