Download BBM Mod iPhone Style (IOS V3) v Apk

the BBM iPhone Mod Style (IOS V3) v Apk | URAPKBaru.NET -completely new theme of BBM Mod I dedicate to you, the loyal pengunjung APKBaru i.e. the FUEL with the look of a beautiful iOS has the characteristic colour of the sheep young combined for a bubble chatnya green colour.

the FUEL can be made by modder m. Mr Zulkifli, theme modification with these types including the most sought after by users BBM for android . The most important thing can be of course the look of the Mod FUEL already no need to doubt its quality. The look can be so smooth delicious to look at as well as be comfortable to use. the style as well as design of the iPhone can be indeed has its own distinctive features. so elegant, prestigious as well as more stylish, the item’s no wonder in which make iphone themes became so well-liked as well as FUEL Transparent Mod .

iBBM Mod iOS comes of course with the latest type of playsore based currently 2.12 with additions as well as refinements to the features already embedded, as well as what features the item has? the following rangkumannya:

√ Full DP.
√ Block Read.
√ Hide Sponsor.
√ Hide Notif Inbox.
√ Grayscale Mode.
√ Hide/Show the Pic within the Chat List.
√ Flexible Rounded DP.

additional features:
√ dining Drawer Slides Right/Left.
Change √ Text PING!!!
√ Change the text colour of PING!!!
√ On/Off Big dining Drawer.
√ On/Off Big Profile.
√ Position Maintab Top/Bottom.
√ Hide Fab Chats nd Contacts.
√ Change the text Size.
√ On/Off List List_Chat Divider.
Change √ Navicon Maintab.


well, for you who want to try once application the latest type of blackberry messenger apk with This kind of iPhone theme in order to always connect with friends or family, or want to get FUEL with more features you can download the item via the link below , free!!!

System Requirement: Android 4.1 or higher

Download Link BBM iPhone Mod Style v Apk

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