Download Neutron Music Player (Full) v 1.87.1 APK

Download Neutron Music Player Full design Free | URAPKBaru.NET -another music player application for Android which is usually worth a try for you who likes to listen to music via the phone or Android tablet, i.e. a neutron music player for android .

with This particular application, we can listen to music via android phone with the best sound quality, because these applications have supported audio rendering engine 32/64 bit (Full HD Audio) of high quality which will help you to provide the best sound quality on your smartphone or android tablet which we have.

in addition, the application a neutron music player apk also has the ability to read almost all audio formats, even up to streaming audio. in addition to also there are also features of normalization, cross-fading, balance phase inversion, unicode tags in addition to also so on.

the following features inside the neutron music player:

  • Module music formats: MOD, S3M, XM, IM.
  • Voice: SPEEX audio format.
  • 32/64 bit audio processing to produce sound with HD quality.
  • Crossfeed DSP (for better stereo if you listen through headphones).
  • Surround sound DSP.
  • Streaming audio: M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM.
  • HQ 4-band equalizer.
  • HQ Mode with 3 options: fast, quality, audiophile.
  • Movable to external SD Card.
  • can display lyrics which have already entered into a file or mp3 songs * LRC.
  • grouping of songs based on the name of the artist, Album in addition to also Genre as well as can make playlists
  • a fresh liking.
  • the Album image file Format supported PNG, JPG, BMP,
  • Unicode tags.
  • real-time multi-band spectrum analyzer.
  • real-time RMS bar.
  • Sleep Timer.
  • Replay Gain, Shuffle, Looped.
  • Android widget in addition to also Mode Lock Screen.
  • “night Mode” in addition to also “auto-lock” audio visualization with colorful.
  • the proximity Sensor to control the playback of the song.
  • in addition to also many others.


fresh in v 1.87.1:

  1. Around 25%-50% faster design of neutrons are suitable only for devices with ARMv7 CPUS in addition to also NEON SIMD extensions.
  2. You do not need This particular package if your device is usually ARMv8 (64-bit ARM) in addition to also Android is usually 64-bit too (Google Play Store installs ARMv8 + NEON design automatically!).
  3. All fresh devices support NEON extensions except devices with NVIDIA Tegra2 CPU which lacks NEON module! If This particular design is usually crashing on your device to install the standard design.

how to, are interested in trying to use the create application a neutron music player the latest apk ? Just download the application via the link inside the link which I’ve set up below, free!!!

System required: Android OS 2.1 in addition to also above + Lucky Patcher in addition to also Google Play Modded

Download Link Neutron Music Player v 1.87.1 APK : (All design)

More info via Google Play

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